Thursday, April 29, 2010

First proper build fest for the second iteration of the Supple project

And what a start...

Jordi is trying to make us feel the difference in sensitivity between a complete hardware solution and a solution supported by software. When he is done he argues we will feel the difference between smooth and a step like movement.

Niklas had us play with an accelerometer and made us aware of how it is more suitable for fluent movements than trying to use it for more iconic gestures. By playing with it in Niklas set up we also understood more about noise and the various parameters in an accelerometer and what they can give us.

Marcus talked about interference and how he was working on a system that will let us hear, touch and physically create interference ourselves. This to make us better understand and "see" the radio waves.

Katja had translated the numbers of rfid tags into words and we got to play around with the random sentences various rfid tags could create.

We also talked about what really makes a bit inspirational and how there is a difference between inspirational bits in general and the more specific supple inspirational bits we are trying to find. But how we probably will have to find some of the more general kind too in order to find the bits that really presents the supple aspects of our materials.

Very much looking forward to next weeks build fest!

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