Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Random Words Session

To generate ideas we choose to use the random words method, which is a brainstorming method were three piles with various focus, such as technologies, places and emotions, are created.

In our session we put the bits in one pile, various aspects of aging in another and specific moments from the wise-dates in another.

This generated a range of ideas, here a few examples:

1. Religion + BluePete + Tea
A "thought of the day" that gets passed on by like minded people, so
that no preaching is involved but rather sharing between like minded
people. As is goes on, it is changed to something else *hot to cold,
weak to strong).

2. Physical Activities + Pressure Sensor + Shoes
A pressure sensor would be attached to shoes to give feedback to the
walker. This feedback would be the pace and the style of walking of
another person, perhaps a senior who would walk slower, with smaller
steps, and for longer. "Far is as good as fast". "Walk a mile in
someone else's shoes". Would give the ability to share the experience
and share the appreciation of the walk. Perhaps go one step further
and share the walking route of someone else.

3. Easy to Use + BTScore+ Matches
Finding the things that we may think are useless but grow important
over time. Turn it into something useful. Not perfect but easily
available. A system that has been alive a long time is more

4. Comfortable in own Skin + TopoCom + Apple
A rumor mill or gossip circle to spread little tidbits. This gossip
could be true stories, stories they make up about themselves, or
altered gossip as it gets spread. Similar to whisper down the alley
or broken telephone. At an advanced age, they will be comfortable in
their own skin and enjoy talking about themselves and others.

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